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Charge of the band-aid brigade

Originally published in the National Indigenous Times, June 28 2007.

NATIONAL: Drastic new measures have been put in place by John Howard’s federal government in the Northern Territory. Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Mal Brough, is leading the charge.

Citing the sexual abuse of Indigenous children, the government has galvanised into action, sending troops, federal police and a myriad of public servants into the Territory to impose grog and pornography bans and institute health checks of Aboriginal children. Their crisis intervention, they say, stems from “Little Children Are Sacred”, a report into abuse released last week, and political inaction up north. If they had read the report, perhaps they would have done things a little differently. A special report by Brian Johnstone and the NIT team. Continue reading


City snub Merritts an answer

Originally published in the National Indigenous Times, April 2007.

By Chris Munro

APPARENTLY it’s time Nathan Merritt made a toast. According to Sydney Morning Herald reporter Alex Brown, the Indigenous try-scoring machine has some valuable historical lessons to learn. Continue reading


Originally published in the National Indigenous Times, from January 2007.

An Aboriginal political activist is behind an audacious plan to turn bush football in NSW on its head. JOEL GOULD, CHRIS GRAHAM AND CHRIS MUNRO take an in-depth look at how rugby league got to this point in the first place. Continue reading