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Originally published in the National Indigenous Times, February 2007.

December is a tough month to get the attention of the Australian people. But last December was even tougher than usual. Notwithstanding the impending retirement from cricket of Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath, Kim Beazley was in the final death throes of his ALP leadership battle with Kevin Rudd.

It was a big month for news.

While these media frenzies continued, on the last sitting day of 2006 the federal Senate quietly handed down a lengthy report into the lost and stolen wages and savings scandal, writes CHRIS GRAHAM. Continue reading


Need more slaves? Blackbirding the South Sea Islanders

Originally published in The National Indigenous Times, February 2007.

By Amy McQuire

WHETHER or not you accept the term slavery to describe the working conditions of Aboriginal people, most Australians at least know some of the history of the terrible abuses suffered by black workers at the hands of Europeans. Continue reading