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THE BIG READ: Jenny’s House

Originally published in the National Indigenous Times, Issue 183, August 6 2009.

By Amy McQuire

It’s not exactly clear when the rot began to set in on Jenny Macklin’s black housing policies. Maybe it was in March 2008, when the Minister for Indigenous Affairs was warned by her own colleagues that the Northern Territory intervention ‘national emergency housing program’ wouldn’t actually build any homes for years, and would force the price of construction sky-high. Continue reading


Waste in Wadeye: COAG.. crisis, what crisis?

Originally published in the National Indigenous Times, November 2006.

NATIONAL: The government report which exposes the gap between rhetoric and reality, writes CHRIS GRAHAM and BRIAN JOHNSTONE.

An endemic social and health crisis in the remote Northern Territory community of Wadeye is worse today than it was almost four years ago, when the federal government launched a “bold experiment” to improve the delivery of government services to Aboriginal communities, a leaked independent report has found. Continue reading


Originally published in the National Indigenous Times, March 2007.

NATIONAL: The federal government is stepping up its campaign to ‘reform’ government service delivery to Indigenous Australia. At the top of the chopping block is Indigenous housing in urban areas. But the Minister’s argument in favour of the plan is hardly compelling. CHRIS GRAHAM reports. Continue reading