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Moneybags Mal and his million dollar fiction

Originally published in the National Indigenous Times, July 27, 2006 edition.

Comment by Chris Graham

Mal Brough is maintaining a stony silence over claims he made in early June that a man who blew the whistle on alleged paedophile rings and drug and petrol rackets in Central Australia is now under police protection. That “police witness” is in fact Gregory Andrews, a senior staff member of Mal’s department. So while we wait for Mal to track down the cat that got his tongue, we bring you the tale of a slightly more recent public slip from the Minister for Indigenous Affairs. It’s a story about an alleged $1 million in cash – allegedly discovered by police as (allegedly) the proceeds of (alleged) drug sales. And it’s a story about a cabinet Minister who seems to get a little carried away when there’s a microphone nearby. Continue reading


The OPIC’s baby-faced assassin

Originally published in the National Indigenous Times, Issue 109, July 27, 2006.

By Chris Graham and Brian Johnstone.

A senior public servant within the Office of Indigenous Policy Coordination adopted a bogus identity and appeared on one of the nation’s most respected current affairs programs to back contentious claims by his federal minister about paedophile rings in Aboriginal communities.

The man is Gregory Andrews, the head of OIPC’s Communities Engagement Branch. He describes himself to colleagues as the “baby-faced assassin”, a nickname he acquired during his time at the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.

But viewers of ABC TV’s Lateline program were told on June 21 that Mr Andrews was an anonymous “former youth worker” from Central Australia. Continue reading